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Muscle Matcha is made from 100% natural stone-ground green tea leaves. Derived from Japan, Matcha powder is a powerful superfood. Rich in antioxidants and nutritional properties, invigorating your body and soul. It can be added to your food or drinks, giving you an extra bounce in your step.


Founder Phillip Klathas has been in the fitness industry for over ten years. Empowering his clients to reach their peak physical performance with a focus on mental health in each session. Motivated from a prior family illness, he knew he needed to take action raising the health industry bar. Adding Matcha powder to his morning tea, he noticed enhanced metabolism and alertness.


Befitting to personal training Phillip Klathas understands the importance of both physical and mental health. With Matcha, benefits are abundant and so very easy to add to your every day.


Get a greater nutritional punch out of your daily intake, enhancing your everyday performance and efficiency. Known for its vibrant colour, Muscle Matcha has been sourced from green tea leaves that have an intensified level of chlorophyll, increasing health and, boosting energy. Muscle Matcha is the chosen Matcha powder product in the industry.


Green tea is enjoyed all over the world, however, the best is produced from Japan. Matcha is consumed as a ceremonial tea and has been for centuries in Japan.
Matcha was considered the superfood for Japanese Royalty, Nobles and Samurai warriors to strengthen their mind, body and soul. Enhancing alertness, calming exterior and preventing diseases through its detoxification and cleansing properties. Consumed alongside meditation for an intensified experience.
True to its heritage, Muscle Matcha is made in Japan and crafted by experts to deliver you a superior quality Matcha green tea powder. Much like the samurai warriors, Matcha has continued to be a nutritional aid alongside meditation and now fitness training. Used for its increased energy levels and promoting weight loss, naturally.